Saturday, August 28, 2010

Water Fun!

We had such a fun time at Seven Peaks!
Emily won the race down the slides against Caitlyn!

Grandpa & Janson against Amber & Will

Amber & Will came from behind to win!

Cute boys and their dads!

Janson takes after the Wadsworth's and loves the water!

A great day!


Nicolas said...

How is it possible that Amber and Will won against Dale and Janson? In the above picture it seems more than impossible! Good job Amber :)

Judy said...

Dale kept getting stuck! -- Amber is much more aerodynamic :) !!! How is the new apartment? Hope all is going great with you and Jasmine!

Nicolas said...

Ha ha, I bet Dale wasn't too happy :)

The new apartment is great. I love my couch, how have I ever lived without one :) Jasmin and I love finally being together every day. It's great!

I hope all is going great with you too!