Thursday, December 27, 2007

There must be some genetic link to rocking out...

These photos prove beyond doubt that genetics have at least something to do with rocking out by playing Guitar Hero III. Britt's been playing for a while and is really good, and Judy is getting pretty good too. We all had fun playing it last night. It's fun to have two guitars and be able to play together now.

We also had a good time playing the Scene It game Britt's husband Jason just got for Xbox 360 too. Judy gave us all a sound thrashing in the first of three games. Jason stormed the second, and coming from behind like some film fanatical mad-man to take the third game was none other than Dale. Too bad we didn't get any photos of his victory, he was quite excited.

She's so cute when she's playing video games.

Now THIS is what I call Mother-Daughter bonding!

Britt and Judy rocking out on Guitar Hero III. What concentration!

Saturday, December 8, 2007


Welcome to the D & J Ainge family page. we have started this because, as our Son Jason noted, we love to me part of the me-too-me-tooism. Our children have blogs that is keeping us all updated and we feel we should try to do the same.

I ask for as little snickering as possible from our kids as we enter the world of blogging and attempt to join the facebook,wiki,open,collaborative era we are in.