Friday, December 18, 2009

Paris -- Part "Une"

Finally -- pictures from Paris!!

The Carousel at the Place de Concorde on our first night in Paris.
Dale & me by the Seine

Our "Paris" daughter!!
Our first sight of the Eiffel Tower . . .

the Musee d'Orsay . . .

and Notre Dame seen from our boat ride on the Seine.

The Louvre

Me and Dale relaxing by the pond at the Tuileries -- trying to look like Parisians, but I think we still look like tourists!

End of Part "Une" -- Part "Deux" coming soon!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Dale and I are in Paris with Caitlyn!!

Paris is amazing --- and tiring! Unfortunately, there's been a museum workers strike so many of our plans have been rearranged -- but we've made the best of it by filling in the gaps with good food:)
We started off our first day with lunch at Laduree highlighted by their famous macarons for dessert; today we had Angelina's famous Chocolat Chaud (hot chocolate) after consuming coque madame; last night we ate an amazing dinner at Le Train Bleu featuring lobster bisque, veal brisket and tangerine mousse; and Sunday we had a great evening with Caitlyn's host family in La Vesinet and they served us a fantastic dinner of Raclette
(?) followed by a heavenly homemade chocolate ice creamy dessert.

The French sure know their food -- how come they're all so skinny?!

Lest you think all we've done is eat, we've also seen some fantastic sites. I'll post more later when I'm not so tired and when I have time to download some pictures!!